Today was very much about keeping perspective.  Our team has worked really hard since the first of the year raising funds to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-day.  We held a Zumba event today that didn't have the turnout that we had hoped.  Also, the facility that we rented charged a fee and required us to purchase special event insurance to hold a charity event at their facility.  By the time we were aware of the expense to hold this event, we had already advertised and were too far into planning to turn back and consider finding a new venue.  So we knew that we needed at least 40 people to pay for the event.  We fell short....terribly short.  While it would have been easy to get discouraged, marvelous things happened today.  Women danced and celebrated just being alive and together in the moment.  While there - I learned that 2 teammates had received a pretty large donation - unexpected and out of the blue.  So we had it - we were covered and while we lost money at the event - we made up for it through the kindness of others who pitched in when we needed it.  I used to question when marvelous things like this happened - but I know in my heart that good will prevail.  Despite living in a very litigious society where even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits, we are still well on our way to funding a team of 7 in the Atlanta 3-Day.  I still cringe at the thought that just to hold a charity event requires purchasing of VERY expensive special event insurance - in the big scheme of things - every penny when put to work for good can reap great reward.  Our cost to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-day in Atlanta is $16,100.00 - not including registration and travel costs. Are we discouraged?  No - we will make it....27 days to go and $3500.00 to raise.  Won't you consider helping us?   


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    Tina Bland is the founder of Team 2CEMGROW - established in 2011.  She is the mother of 2 and the niece, daughter & granddaughter of breast cancer survivors.  Her passion is to do all in her ability to ensure that all people get to see their loved ones grow.  Her dear friend Angela didn't get that chance and was taken by Hodgkin's Lymphoma 8 days after she met Rudy, Tina's son, via 3-D ultrasound when Tina was 26 weeks pregnant.  Not a day goes by that Tina doesn't think how Angela would have loved her kids and her kids loved Angela.  So with almost every breath - she prays for a cure.  This blog will serve as a record of events, thoughts & plans for the future.  Thank you for joining her and her team on what is bound to be quite the adventure. 


    September 2013